Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Working wonders

It turns out that my new job, at a community service agency, does use my costly ABA training, to an extent. However, it wants ALL its coordinators to practice some ABA, whether they're trained or not. At least I'll accumulate a good bit of experience conducting functional behavior assessments, even if without the supervision that would let me sit the behavior analysis exam. I could be content in this job, for a little while.

Interesting news is that I've been contacted about interviewing for an Executive Director position. It's at a small agency that has been characterized by one employee as "rotting." No more than 16-18 employees, and a 4-person board of directors. I will interview because of the pay differential, and then no doubt never hear from these people again. That has happened with such frequency this year. But I'm glad to know that, of the resumes that were received, mine was one that sparked some interest.

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