Sunday, March 25, 2012

Picture impossibility

Or so it seems for the moment. I have taken a load of pictures already--at the airport, in St. Albans, of pubs & streets & foods & vending machines(!)--but I continue to struggle with uploading them to this blog! Left my laptop at home, and I don't regret it, as it's awfully heavy. But the iPad should be a lot easier to use for blogging purposes than it is!

The food at Boston Terminal E did a number on Victor, who spent his first hour in England in and out of the loo every 10 minutes. Hence we were at the airport longer than expected. Next on our agenda was to pick up a travel cell phone; neither of us have cellular plans that affordably cover the UK. That jaunt took a good hour and a half, beyond driving time to St. Albans, our first stop.

We chose St. Albans because of its proximity to my Uncle Nick, in Luton.

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