Friday, March 30, 2012

Relaxing in the afternoon

We elected not to follow our walk up with any activity. So we sat around the rest of the day. I peered over the lip to nab a couple of beach photos; Vic actually strolled the beach, exerting more energy than I had remaining.

While we were enjoying a cup of tea, a gaggle of young surfer dudes sat at the next table. I was thinking: Great. Now we get to hear them harass young women on their way to the beach. Or to deal with their explosive exclamations over text messages without startling. (Go ahead, label me.)

Instead, they took out a beat-up wooden case containing a backgammon board, and began to play. I realized that I had heard no harassment (though among my own generation there was evidence of unwarranted paternalism), and seen not a single young person focused on his/her phone or texting, during our stay. So call me age-ist. It is welcome to witness such humble, human interaction.

When I asked some of the young men if I could get a picture, they must have thought I wanted them to photograph us. They were very surprised to be the focus.

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Location:Trebarwith Stand

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