Sunday, March 25, 2012

Uncle Nick in Luton

We were supposed to meet up with Nick, who expected to hear from us during the morning. But, due to a decision not to use our U.S. phones (which charge extraordinary fees for international service), we didn't have a cell phone until noon. When we hadn't rung him by then, he and his wife Nora decided to head to St. Albans for the day, to be close by. I first phoned his cell, which he had with him. What I got was three "pips" and then nothing. So I called his home phone and left a message.

Vic and I grabbed some pub food for lunch, nearly falling asleep as we ate, then headed to the B&B for a nap. (We had shared with Nick last month that we'd need a nap; we've taken the "red eye" flight from Boston before.) Nick & Nora, meanwhile, roamed St. Albans. At least it was a Market Day in town.

What woke us up was a call from Nick after he and Nora had returned home, tuckered out. We never did meet up. I feel like we both took steps to ensure we could see each other, yet neither of us was successful. Only in the Lanigan family, right?

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