Thursday, March 29, 2012

Port William is a very small town

These buildings represent all of the community where we're staying.
First, the bathhouse.

Below is the new house with helipad, both being built. The helipad is not a personal choice, it is instead a requirement in case the citizens need emergency medical treatment. The house replaces what was, by account, the cutest little yellow cottage.

Our waitress told us that a nearby city had a fire that went uncontrolled because the county's fire engine couldn't make it down a narrow roadway. Emergencies are more than standard emergencies around here.

The houses and businesses that make up The Strand combine with two businesses whose signs (ice cream, cream teas) are somewhere in the blog posts below. That's almost all of Port William, besides our hotel and 2-3 adjacent buildings.

That is (next pic) the yellow cottage, white in the sun, and the two cream businesses below and to the right. The Strand row is between those businesses and the little stone studio, which isn't tall enough (or fully enclosed) to be a house.

Oh, and that's Vic. Plus the sign for our hotel, and the outdoor seating for its restaurant, which has been MOBBED due to the fine weather. That's it. That's Port William--a handful of buildings, and an incredible beach.

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