Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dolphin show

The first show that we attended reminded me that I find it hard to see human-animal interaction without getting all teary. Dunno why.

On the left, look at the height this dolphin got, jumping in the air:

Walking on water:

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Sea World: boats and birds

When we were not enjoying the shows, we were strolling Sea World and enjoying tropical nature. Those are REAL flamingos, looking fake.

I assume this was for show and had not actually wrecked:

Ibis and ???


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January: Orlando

We went to Orlando on Mike's birthday, to celebrate a milestone that Liz had achieved. We stayed at the Royale Park, which proved to be an especially nice hotel. We had a 2BR, 2BA suite.

The view from the suite:

Along the walk to the brekkie restaurant:

On offer was a hot and cold breakfast, mmm -- with horrid coffee.

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Location:Orlando, FL

The whole shebang

The view is staggering from the hills, when there's no fog. For the final SF installment:

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San Fran neighborhoods

I can never remember the name of the one with the Painted Ladies.

Ghirardelli Square is easier to remember.

Tress said that this cupcake was easily the best that she had ever had. I'm not so into cupcakes, but I am into the expression on Tress's face.

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Shopping Haight-Ashbury

Is that spelled correctly?

Melissa fell in love with some crazy cool shoes after Tress and I saw the shoe below in the window and just had to go inside.

A selection of the John Fluvog(sp?) offerings and the $300 shoes that left with Melissa:

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Golden Gate

Was it really six months ago that we went to California?

The day after DeLoach, we hit the city. We encountered a hummingbird at the bridge.

Tress at Golden Gate. She was kind of distressed, having seen a documentary about suicides from the bridge. Melissa reassured her that there were signs on the walkway across, directing people to phones that could connect them to instant counseling.

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Location:San Francisco, CA