Friday, November 18, 2011

Breakfast burritos with andouille

12 oz good quality chorizo (we used andouille)
4 green onions
6 lg eggs
1 tbs olive oil
4 9"-10" flour tortillas
2/3 c grated Mexican 4-cheese blend
1/2 c fresh cilantro
1/2 c tomatillo salsa (jarred)
1 avocado

Remove casings from sausage. Chop green onions and cilantro. Slice avocado.

Saute sausage in large nonstick skillet over medium, 5-6 mins. Add green onion and saute another 30 sec. Transfer to bowl (keep warm).

Wipe out skillet. Whisk eggs in medium bowl and sprinkle them with salt and pepper. Add oil to skillet and heat it over medium. When oil is hot, add eggs and cook until softly scrambled. Remove from heat (keep warm).

Warm tortillas in second skillet until pliable, 20 secs per side. Divide sausage among tortillas. Top with cheese, eggs, cilantro, salsa, and avocado. Roll tortillas.
(from Bon Appetit, I believe)

Less than 3 weeks?

It doesn't seem quite possible that we've been back from the Outer Banks less than three weeks. What would I believe? Three months. Work is such a slog.

I never got back to folks regarding the recipes that were successful. In addition to the list I provided last month ("Good eats"), Vic and I enjoyed:
Chai pots de creme
Jerk pork
Dijon-basil sauce

Here again is the list I provided previously:
Scrambled eggs with lemon cream & smoked salmon
Breakfast burritos with andouille (recipe called for chorizo)
Clams with andouille
Pesto, olive, and roast-pepper torta
Southwest chipotle corn

Not a small collection, considering we were there only a week. Weirdly, while we were there, we felt like so many recipes flopped!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Up on the roof, so to speak

I opened the front door to scan for the Gloucester paper. It wasn't there. I nearly shut the door, when a movement caught my eye.

Can you see what I saw?

It certainly wasn't ours, not up above your head like that. Ours is a bush dweller.

You can't see me

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hatteras ocean piers

It seems that I was not alone in thinking that the south-facing beaches on Hatteras need a pier:

What to do

I do not like my job. That makes me one of many, I realize.

Yesterday, my client (I have only one) started, with his other therapist, to use the great outdoors as a bathroom. It appears that he may have had diarrhea. Whatever it was, he was not comfortable, and he decided that it was his therapist's fault. Hands covered with excrement, he went into attack mode.

I only just shared with my sister in law that she needs to hold onto her employment, which is pretty awful, at least until the start of 2012, for the sake of her resume. That applies to me as well -- maybe more to me, since I have in the past left a job in December. My hasty departure still causes me resume headaches.

But I really don't want to see my client, ever again.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


This posting will be number 984 for this blog. Hard to believe that I've had nearly 1,000 things to say! But there's something satisfying about it, too. I've never successfully kept a diary beyond the first week. Now, over fully three years, my output has been fairly consistent.

Hope that those few of you who read this blog will continue to do so. I get weekly reports on numbers of page views, etc., and something about knowing that someone is reading helps keep my voice going.

Welcome in roses

Upon our return, as predicted, the rose bushes out front continued to bloom. The white rose bush is prolific even today, two weeks later.

Sadly, the white roses don't have a strong scent. Annoying, because they were advertised as being quite aromatic. In any case, they're lovely!

The day after

Among my impressions of our fall trip to NC: I'm sad about the absence of the laughing gulls; however, this bird (gull?) popped up from time to time. The weather was great, and the ocean was warm. Beachcombing wasn't as rewarding as expected, but there were no big storms right around the time of our visit. The hurricane debris was heartbreaking. All in all, I'm on the fence about whether a fall trip might replace our traditional spring trip.

On the second day of our journey home, we stopped in NY to visit Shaun and Ilona. They have a new (leased) Mini, a racing one!

In NY and CT, the number of trees downed by the Halloween blizzard (it qualified as a blizzard in Yonkers) was astonishing. Every single road we traveled in Yonkers, without exception, had a tree down, interfering with traffic. It's annoying that Sen. Brown and State Sen. Tarr both whined on the radio about how "unacceptable" the utilities' response was to power outages in MA, when the focus had to be CT and NY, where damage was just astounding.