Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Weekend

This is just one weekend's worth of sea glass. All collected in (and standing next to) containers that used to hold coffee. Coffee and sea glass, what a lovely way to spend a lazy morning. Wish I had one of those about now.

Go, Schumer!

On the way home from work today, I heard a news story about the defeat of the public option in the Senate Finance Committee. Needless to say, I felt sick at heart.

Then I started to do some reading. (First I did my homework, so I didn't get to the reading until pretty late.) I found an article that alleged the following: "Ralph Neas, chief executive officer of the National Coalition on Healthcare: “What Senator Schumer did today is keep the ball in play.”"

Sen. Schumer put forth a public-option proposal that, while it was defeated, gave supporters within Congress the impetus they needed to keep on fighting. Let us all keep on fighting!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dexter begins tonight, season 4. I confess to this addiction. He is not a nice man, but he is funny, in a black sort of way. I'm wondering now, is this fascination with evil-doers at the heart of my love of a good mystery?

Late August

Just a little of the not-quite late-season scenery at my house. The wisteria once more re-bloomed in August-September, making me appreciate it all the more.

Victor rescued the rose when he mulched the front. I had planted about eight out there, and they all faded and died.


Individual pieces of sea glass that came out in focus. Which is unusual, it turns out.


These pictures are inspired by shots of 'Sea Pottery' on the ning http://seaglass.ning.com/

The green-and-white shards with the tulip border are (have I said this already?) from the china used at the Rockaway, a hotel that was once on Rocky Neck. These pics are from about a month ago, but as I recall no shard is repeated, picture to picture.


September is going to be a low month, posts-wise. I'm trying to get back in the swing of doing homework every week.

The good news is, the professor for my first class is interesting and engaging (important, when you're sitting there for four hours).


Iran's idiocy is staggering. Could it not have known that it's next on the U.S. hit list, and probably the British and Western European hit lists, at a minimum? My response would have been to reassure all that I'm a nice guy. Way to ensure that you'll be crushed, Ahmadinejad.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


"They have many voices, but they don't have many ears." Could this explain Lindsey Graham's inability to notice words that were only just spoken, on today's Meet the Press?

Listening is not merely being mute while the other side is speaking.

These lines were spoken by the editor of the New York Times Book Review, Sam Tanenhaus, on Bill Moyers this week.


People have lied about health care reform. (Yes, again, it's about health care reform.) Lindsey Graham (R-SC*) is on Meet the Press, claiming that during the Joint Session of Congress Obama was combative in saying that people had lied about reform. Graham also said that, during the start of the program (when Obama was interviewed), the president struck a new and more conciliatory tone.

Not true. The president said again, during today's interview, that people have mischaracterized the reform efforts. And, oh-my-goodness, they sure have. Was Graham listening? Not just to Obama today, but to all the bullsh*t that has erupted in the past two months?

The Baucus bill, ugh. It is still better than the Republican version: it is projected by the CBO to reduce the deficit by 11–12 years out, NOT be "deficit-neutral," the rallying cry of the Republicans. (Could folks really be confused about the advantage of reductions? Think of it as rain: would you rather that it rained all the time at a good clip, or that we found a way to reduce rainfall?) But if the Baucus bill succeeds, with its de-emphasis on employer coverage and absence of any public option, a part of me will die.

*South Carolina sure has been in the news a lot lately. Have you been watching The Daily Show-Colbert Report?


So I finally acknowledged a little of the inevitable myself. I bought a pair of reading glasses: my 47th-birthday present to myself.

I don't typically need them, even for reading. But, trying to see what the name of the color was on the base of a tube of lipstick on Friday, it was clear that the fine print now eludes me.

I have been told at eye exams that I have "better than" 20-20 vision. It seems that I will need to schedule another eye exam.


In today's Globe Magazine, there's a great, brief article called "Surrender the Sand?" It proposes that our approach, in attempts to preserve beaches, is blind to the inevitable: We are at some point going to have to give up.

I'm not saying (neither is the article) that we cannot continue to enjoy our beaches, whether that entails lawn chairs or surf boards. What has to stop is building and maintaining 'permanent' structures on the sand, or on the soil just beyond the sand/dune line. Adding jetties, 'nourishment projects,' sand bags, and the like is futile and damaging.

On our many trips to the Outer Banks, we have stayed in homes that defy prudence, history, and logic. No doubt our dollars have helped sustain this very denial.


Monday, September 14, 2009


I was reading a briefing on H1N1. It stated that, in the U.S., 48% of working people do not get any paid sick days.

That's HALF of all of us. HALF.

It's no wonder that the public option is supposed to be fading now. I can't stand it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Straight Talk

I am putting together a straight-dope account of recent months. In trying to be utterly honest, I was repeatedly disturbed by watching Meet the Press. As ever.

Both parties do it. They take words from the Congressional Budget Office that clearly refer to a worst-case scenario, and say, "See? Lies!" They pretend that there is no money, when there is money now wasted in the military budget, money now spent on employer-assisted insurance payments, money now lost to corporate loopholes...shut the hell up.

An article in this morning's Boston Globe discussed the Gloucester Crossing project. Loads of moaning about the wrong types of job, and not a word about starting a business or encouraging a business to relocate that would provide the right type of job. People bitch and carry on without ever proposing another way...shut the hell up.


I'm shrinking a huge number of pictures for posting to this site. I've been working on it in dribs and drabs for weeks. So, sorry that there's been no eye candy in a little while. That is, end of season garden shots, and the sea glass collection... not certain that I can supply eye candy of any other variety!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Courtesy of the Daily Dish:

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I am stupified that segments of the American public object to the notion that the President is going to give a speech to schoolchildren.

"Liberal lies"? "Socialism"? This has gone too bloody far. The far right is cornered, terrified, and lashing out crazily. Obama is not the liberal that I am, so worry more about the children that I encounter than about those whom he will address.

The President's speech is an honor. The President deserves our respect, and so do the majority of our citizens, who voted him in. I'm a pacifist, yet I'm leaning toward uprising in this climate of labeling, threatening, and hate.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Detroit citizens are obtaining fresh produce via ice cream-style trucks driving up and down the streets. The city has one of the highest rates of obesity in the nation. Countless residents are on public assistance and rely on public transportation. These trucks are so welcome.

In the normal day to day, crappy foods are cheap and available. Especially in a city with countless convenience stores and few groceries (26 liquor stores to each market with fresh produce, according to NBC). Thank God for the people who had this inspired idea.

Supreme Runway

OK, I'm just disgusted. Again. Watching Brian Williams tonight, I perked up for a story he (B) said was inspired by a new statistic, that women outnumber men in the work force. The subject of the story was Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Really and truly, it was about how she and Sandra Day O'Connor elected to accessorize their robes. Oh. My. God.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

27 Drosses

I was watching 27 Dresses, because it was on. And a guy in the film said to another guy, "Every girl in the world goes right to that page," referring to the weddings page in the newspaper.

Seriously? Not since I was nine. IF I even did it THEN—-nine is when I was well and truly over my princess thang.

At first I thought, maybe the script was written in the 1940s. But I don't think women have radically changed even in that time frame. I mean, does every man in the world go right to the Sports section?