Sunday, September 13, 2009

Straight Talk

I am putting together a straight-dope account of recent months. In trying to be utterly honest, I was repeatedly disturbed by watching Meet the Press. As ever.

Both parties do it. They take words from the Congressional Budget Office that clearly refer to a worst-case scenario, and say, "See? Lies!" They pretend that there is no money, when there is money now wasted in the military budget, money now spent on employer-assisted insurance payments, money now lost to corporate loopholes...shut the hell up.

An article in this morning's Boston Globe discussed the Gloucester Crossing project. Loads of moaning about the wrong types of job, and not a word about starting a business or encouraging a business to relocate that would provide the right type of job. People bitch and carry on without ever proposing another way...shut the hell up.

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