Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dexter begins tonight, season 4. I confess to this addiction. He is not a nice man, but he is funny, in a black sort of way. I'm wondering now, is this fascination with evil-doers at the heart of my love of a good mystery?


  1. Hi, hope you don't mind me dropping in like this. I just happened by your blog due to your post on Sea Glass (I look for posts/articles for my Sea Glass Network site) and saw your post on Dexter. I'm a 40yr old mom of two and when I'm at school trying to make small talk with other parents waiting for their kids sometimes I'll ask...'did anyone see Dexter last night?' I almost always get an wierd pause. And silently I make a note to self...keep your Dexter fascination to yourself. So, I hear you!

  2. LOL, I am lucky enough to work with a couple of people who share my guilty fascination.