Sunday, September 20, 2009


People have lied about health care reform. (Yes, again, it's about health care reform.) Lindsey Graham (R-SC*) is on Meet the Press, claiming that during the Joint Session of Congress Obama was combative in saying that people had lied about reform. Graham also said that, during the start of the program (when Obama was interviewed), the president struck a new and more conciliatory tone.

Not true. The president said again, during today's interview, that people have mischaracterized the reform efforts. And, oh-my-goodness, they sure have. Was Graham listening? Not just to Obama today, but to all the bullsh*t that has erupted in the past two months?

The Baucus bill, ugh. It is still better than the Republican version: it is projected by the CBO to reduce the deficit by 11–12 years out, NOT be "deficit-neutral," the rallying cry of the Republicans. (Could folks really be confused about the advantage of reductions? Think of it as rain: would you rather that it rained all the time at a good clip, or that we found a way to reduce rainfall?) But if the Baucus bill succeeds, with its de-emphasis on employer coverage and absence of any public option, a part of me will die.

*South Carolina sure has been in the news a lot lately. Have you been watching The Daily Show-Colbert Report?

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