Friday, November 18, 2011

Less than 3 weeks?

It doesn't seem quite possible that we've been back from the Outer Banks less than three weeks. What would I believe? Three months. Work is such a slog.

I never got back to folks regarding the recipes that were successful. In addition to the list I provided last month ("Good eats"), Vic and I enjoyed:
Chai pots de creme
Jerk pork
Dijon-basil sauce

Here again is the list I provided previously:
Scrambled eggs with lemon cream & smoked salmon
Breakfast burritos with andouille (recipe called for chorizo)
Clams with andouille
Pesto, olive, and roast-pepper torta
Southwest chipotle corn

Not a small collection, considering we were there only a week. Weirdly, while we were there, we felt like so many recipes flopped!

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