Sunday, November 13, 2011

The day after

Among my impressions of our fall trip to NC: I'm sad about the absence of the laughing gulls; however, this bird (gull?) popped up from time to time. The weather was great, and the ocean was warm. Beachcombing wasn't as rewarding as expected, but there were no big storms right around the time of our visit. The hurricane debris was heartbreaking. All in all, I'm on the fence about whether a fall trip might replace our traditional spring trip.

On the second day of our journey home, we stopped in NY to visit Shaun and Ilona. They have a new (leased) Mini, a racing one!

In NY and CT, the number of trees downed by the Halloween blizzard (it qualified as a blizzard in Yonkers) was astonishing. Every single road we traveled in Yonkers, without exception, had a tree down, interfering with traffic. It's annoying that Sen. Brown and State Sen. Tarr both whined on the radio about how "unacceptable" the utilities' response was to power outages in MA, when the focus had to be CT and NY, where damage was just astounding.

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