Friday, March 30, 2012

Trek to Tintagel

The large silver binder left for us in our room said that Tintagel was a lovely "short walk" from the inn, with the hardest moments at the outset. Feeling fit and strong (my foot aside), we donned rugged shoes and set out.

It was, of course, miles, and it took us about four hours, there and back. Note that four hours is what the silver binder held was typical for the more rugged coastal hike up a steep cliff face to the south.

We don't regret a step of the journey, though my and Vic's feet, ankles, and heels have registered their protest. The first pic below is of the zig-zag walk up the initial hill (we came up from the back of the cream shops, out of frame to the right; there are, I believe, tiny human figures at the summit). Other pics are of the sights along the way; the ruins of Tintagel will appear elsewhere.

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