Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Romance in the air

I'm starting to get hints of the lovely aroma of romance. While our trip to England is a 20th-anniversary-of-our-honeymoon trip, my feeling is that it will be much more romantic than our honeymoon was. (Not that our honeymoon wasn't romantic! But it didn't stand the best chance.)

We were kids back then! We caved and gave half of our time over to visiting relatives, far away from the glorious Cornish coast. Not going to happen this time. We've chosen the places we'll visit with a 20-year history of travel-together to go by. We selected each B&B with full awareness of what each looks for in a place to stay, and we selected each town with an eye toward pleasing each other.

We're excited about slightly different things, but in the main we're excited about such similar things. I did marry well.

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