Sunday, March 25, 2012

Woolpack Inn

Beckington is a lovely community, and our second destination is very nice: well-kept with rooms well thought out and a window seat in the bath, in a gorgeous setting, and fully functional (in St. Albans, the TV wasn't working, and the Internet, advertised as "free in-room Wi-Fi," was unavailable to us outside the lounge).

Already we've seen spectacular gardens. I may post them later; I know that I'm posting like a fiend, though. Victor is quite tired after the drive, so I have abundant time on my hands. Plus, having figured out how to access pictures (with Vic's help), I am tempted to describe so many of them. Don't expect such complete coverage of other days!

At bottom is the breakfast dining area with a courtyard at its rear, the view from the front windows, and then a horse coming down the street. A number of horses have gone by--there's something soothing about the slow and steady clip-clop of the horses' hooves.

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