Sunday, March 25, 2012

Avalon House

Our first overnight was at the worn and cluttered Avalon House. The man serving as proprietor was more than a little absent-minded. While we were seated in the lounge area, he both reported a mate as missing to the police and lost a new (to him) cat under the freezer. Not to brag, but of course I was able to lure said cat out of its hiding place without moving from my comfortable seat on the couch. Scott would not stop chasing, reaching, etc.

Our room was clean but overcrowded (literally 1' of space to exit from the far bed in the event of fire), while the stairs up to the room were carpeted in a threadbare blue. The neighborhood was very urban, though there was a big back yard. The best feature of the house was the dining area for breakfast, obviously a former greenhouse.

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