Saturday, March 31, 2012

The battle for best cream tea

We have consumed, I am embarrassed to say, three cream teas at this point. We had one in Cheddar, one in Trebarwith Strand (who could resist that sign?), and one in Padstow yesterday.

The one in Cheddar wins Best Clotted Cream, and Greatest Lashings of Clotted Cream. That little bowl was brimming, at the outset.

The one in Trebarwith Strand wins Best-looking Clotted Cream and Best Teapot, though you can't see the pot in the pic.

But the one in Padstow wins Best Strawberry Jam, Best Scones, Best-tasting Tea, and a special mention for including scrumptious fresh strawberries on the plate. Even though it was a touristy take-away, mostly ice cream shop that served the tea as bags in mugs, the Padstow location wins in most categories. Omigosh it was good.

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