Thursday, March 1, 2012

A job & tempered joy

It seems I have found a job. The org still needs to contact my references and submit my CORI (criminal background search) -- but I don't expect any issues to arise with those tasks!

This job will not utilize my expensive and valued ABA training. It does honor my master's degree; I will be a master's-level clinician. It's as an Intensive Care Coordinator in Beverly with a Community Service Agency. I'll be working with families who have children at risk of being placed out of the home. All the clients will be MassHealth eligible, so either without job-offered health insurance, or with children adopted from state agencies.

The jobs that would have advanced me toward becoming a BCBA sounded so enjoyable--and paid so little. I would have needed to return to a salary that I last earned in 1993. They were mostly in schools, where I would have had summers off--joy! But I just can't go that far in reverse, regarding pay.

Of course, once one has a BCBA, the opportunities (and salaries) increase sharply. What I keep in mind is that this is the only job that got back to me with an offer of employment, in my four-month search!

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