Thursday, March 29, 2012


Money and policy, money and policy. Strikes are threatened/looming. Truckers may go on strike at any moment, so people have pushed petrol stations to their limits, while tabloid media trumpets, "We will be out of fuel in mere minutes!" or some-such.

We stopped for petrol (gas) yesterday. The British price for a gallon is $9.25, £1.39 to £1.42 per liter. That is unremarkable 'round these parts.

And speaking of cost comparisons, Avalon House, that grotty little place where we stayed the first night, cost us £70 ($122.50) per night; Woolpack Inn in Beckington was £71 ($124.50) per night. Where we're staying right now, with the fantastic views, glorious beach, and friendly service? It runs £58 ($101.50) per night. What the hell? People still see Cornwall as too far to drive from towns that are only 3 hours distant. Maybe it has to do with the price of gas!

Oh, another threatened/planned strike? Baggage handlers. They want to go on strike for the duration of the weekend when we return home. We may fly in to Boston with just the clothes on our backs.

I still wouldn't change a thing about England.

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