Sunday, May 17, 2009

Top Dog, and Cat(s)

The owner/chef at Top Dog has a piggy bank (actually, just a box with a slot) on the wall. It is meant for donations to help feral cats.

The two in the pic above are in fact feral. They're all over the place on the Banks.

The owner/chef catches them and takes them in to be fixed. He is 'at war' with the SPCA, which catches them and puts them down. And with a neighbor, who caught a really cute feral kitty in a possum trap, which killed the kitty. :(

Thing is, there are thousands of cats and dogs who are put down weekly by agencies like the SPCA, and it's not even "about" the cats and dogs. It's about the lack of reponsibility and maturity among pet owners. That's just the way it is, the same way we as citizens of the U.S. feel comfortable about roadkill.

Anyway, I dropped some money in the box.

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