Friday, May 8, 2009


It is obvious to Vic and me that a row of houses was washed into the ocean (or torn down to prevent same) where we're staying.

There are lots of protests about responsible stewardship of the beaches, and how the NPS, Big Government, and "eco-nazis" are forcing their agendas down the throats of the locals. I can see how that perspective arose; a recent suit filed by ecology-focused groups during negotiations on beach policy makes it evident that "good faith" is absent in a lot of their dealings.

But still, who the hell builds a house ocean-front on a barrier island? I know, I know, lots of wealthy numbskulls. Including, perhaps, the ones who built the house where we are! And we do love it here.

But the Native Americans were said to be endlessly surprised, to put it politely, when they saw the White Man building where the buildings were sure to be washed away, and where building certainly hastened erosion.

What are the results of the cement, brick, and pipe debris? In the current moment, septic systems get compromised (that's how the house featured in the film Nights in Rodanthe got condemned recently), and what are the results of that? Is any of this stuff healthy for the environment?
I'm still scanning papers, looking for signs of a journalist.

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