Wednesday, May 13, 2009


On Sunday we saw, among other things, a birdie and a pony (obviously wild, as he's not groomed nor well fed, but not, we think, a typical wild OBX pony — maybe just one who escaped a while back).

That was the day, Mother's Day, when we went to Roanoke Island, which is divided between the cities of Manteo and Wanchese, like Cape Ann is Gloucester and Rockport.

We were too late to see the art show at the Festival Park, but we'll go back to see it. We did get to visit the Dare County Airport's World War II exhibit, which was fun for Vic.

We ate at Striper's, a place we usually love but that this time was underwhelming. But we did have a glorious time touring Roanoke. We saw more cool stuff in Wanchese, which is not typically considered a tourist spot, than in Manteo. Both of the pics are from Wanchese.

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