Thursday, May 14, 2009


Every time we come to the OBX, there are more kitesurfers out there. I really don't know how much longer it's going to matter that you can't fish from closed sections of beach (where protected species are actively nesting/breeding). Watersports may soon have the edge, methinks.

Honestly, the only turn-off about coming down here is that, for the last two years or visits, the hostility and bitterness voiced about beach closures take your breath away. It's not that little pieces of the beaches are closed that matters, it's that, frankly, it's not so much fun to be around people spewing about the situation.

There's a big brouhaha now about the exact wording of the original grant of park lands to the people. Being 'originalists' about the exact wording of our U.S. Constitution would mean that we are still a slave-holding nation. The idea is that you let new knowledge and new science take hold, instruct, and thrive. Enough's enough, let the birds make out.

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