Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saved, or Sentenced?

Walking toward the beach over an ORV ramp, I saw a tiny creature in a tire track. It was a turtle. He was trying to climb a ridge of sand, way over on the west side of the ramp, headed east.

We've seen instructions on how to handle baby sea turtles — help them to the sea. And we've seen instructions on giving aid to land turtles when seen in roadways — help them to the other side. Vic insisted this was a land turtle.

We took him to the other side of the ramp and put him down. We crossed over a hill and saw water to either side of the ramp, in ditches. We went back and got the turtle and placed him near the water on the east side of the ramp. We hope we did the right thing.

Have I said, I love turtles?

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