Sunday, May 10, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

"If you were to get an would be pigeonholed into Educational Management of some sort."

This was one response to my post in March about what degree to pursue. The other response (as well as the one quoted above) was in favor of a degree that included licensure.

I promise that I'm not just being contrary, but I think that the first thing I'll do is apply to an M.Ed. program at Endicott. I'm not ruling out a degree (LMHC, MSW) that includes a licensing piece. I just want to pursue the M.Ed. now, to have that exposure to the principles and realities of management.

I think that someday I hope to start my own facility, providing respite/child care to folks who struggle to parent children with mental health issues. Not sure exactly whom I'll be able to employ, however!


  1. It just so happens I have been known to provide respit care. I also am blessed with the best boss in the world. If you are like her I would LOVE to work for you!!!

  2. I may hold you to that. Tho', as I said yesterday, my offer may be outside Massachusetts!