Saturday, May 2, 2009


I stepped into my class meeting at Salem State this morning, then quickly drove myself to Malden to pick up my sister (I was in her car). She and I went to Logan, where she dropped me off.

I flew to DC, an airport (Reagan) that was all too familiar, to catch a plane for Norfolk, VA. On the way to VA we flew over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, end to end. Then I saw canals and reservoirs dotted with freshly painted tugboats and cargo carrying boats, like brightly colored toys bobbing below me. Is it the season to paint your boat?

I arrived in Norfolk and had to walk the periphery of an airport quad, navigating a moving sidewalk within a walkway tube, all the while able to see my husband's van through intermittent windows. It was topped with strapped-down kayaks, positioned at the far end of the 'U' that I was walking. At last I got to him, and we were off to the Outer Banks!

It took us nearly two hours to get to Kitty Hawk. But once we were there, we stopped at Chilli Pepper's (pic above), keeping to our annual ritual. I ordered the sweet, meaty, large steamed shrimp in a salty/spicy boil, and salmon sauteed in soy-chipotle oil with a wasabi aioli. Vic had beef chuck chili followed by NC-BBQ pork chimichangas.

Ah, we are here.

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  1. YEA!!!!
    I am so glad you are there and loving it. Relax and enjoys the weeks ahead!