Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tackle Shops

Tackle shops around here have suffered some from either the beach closures, the publicity around the closures, or the general economic downturn. One, Shoreline Beach Mart up in the Rodanthe area, was a surprise. Another (the only other one we've seen closed down), Frisco Tackle, was already for sale last year, before the beach closures became an issue.

There is a food pantry offering hot meals, and we didn't see that last year. However, there's also a new kiteboarding resort — within 3 miles of the food pantry.

Sadly, Uncle Eddy's is no more. It used to be a tiny putt-putt golf course and ice creamery on a narrow point in Buxton. It's being converted into a bank.

It turns out that The Blue Whale, which always has an astonishing variety of hot sauces, is a seasonal business and only opened this year on May 1. Who knew?

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