Thursday, May 14, 2009


We loved four eateries this time: The Fish House, in Frisco; Cafe 12, in Avon; Top Dog, in Waves; and Dirty Dick's, in Hatteras.

The Fish House has amazing tuna bites in buffalo sauce...just a little buffalo sauce, and the bites are in an astonishingly light and thin batter.

Cafe 12 has the best green-beans appetizer I have ever eaten anywhere. I thought it had shallots in it; Vic thought it was garlic. But when we inquired, we were told it was Cavender's Greek Seasoning, which we ran out and bought. Also, the Hatteras Flat must be tried to be believed (it's a sort-of pizza, but not). Order one for two, as they're huge.

Top Dog has terrific everything: seafood, wraps, burgers, specials, fries, and options, such as "Naked Style." The owner/chef is a great guy, and more on him on another day.

Dirty Dick's has the most delicious she-crab soup imaginable.

Plus, on Ocracoke, stop at the Flying Melon, not at Howard's Pub! It's a little further down the road, on the other side. Their desserts are to die for, and their crab cakes ain't too shabby, either.

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