Friday, May 8, 2009

Chic a ma COM i co

"From the Algonquin language group, it means 'a land of disappearing sands.'"

We went to the Chicamacomica lifesaving station yesterday. As ever, it was a treat.

The station masters informed us that the Oregon Inlet station is being rehabbed by the NC Aquarium system. That's a relief—last year, that station was starting to look unstable.

They also told us that the Durant station, in Hatteras, is simply no more, no prospects for it any longer. It was blown down by a hurricane a few years back (2003, I think)... the watchtower remained, but the owner, who had purchased it one week before the hurricane hit, was too disheartened to rebuild. A developer perched the watchtower on a condo development [sigh].

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