Friday, April 13, 2012

Wareham & Stoborough

We decided to head to Wareham or Poole for lunch on Friday. We headed into Wareham and followed the signs for "P"--hoping that, unlike in Lyme Regis, P meant open spaces. (We didn't find a space until our third lot attempt in Lyme Regis.) We turned right, the direction indicated...and headed right out of town.

We crossed a river, spanned a field, and then passed a sign announcing the village of Stoborough, all within 30 seconds of Wareham. We were mystified; we had examined every opening to see if it was a lot.

There was a gas station just inside Stoborough, and Vic decided to top up. Two KAs were being serviced! I snapped a pic of them together, then (at Vic's request) got a photo of The All-important Engine. He wants to "blow it up to see what's what."

There was a pub across the street with a thatch roof:

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