Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Lizard

We had omitted The Lizard on Sunday in favor of more time in Penzance. Lizard Point is the northeast rim of Mounts Bay. Like Sennen, it still has a slipway lifeboat. Unlike Sennen, it has a lifeboat house set in the side of a cliff, like the old Penlee house.

The Lizard lifeboat was out in the ferocious storm in December 1981, looking for survivors. There were eight men aboard the Solomon Browne and a similar number of souls on the Union Star. All died; half the victims on each vessel were never found.

You can't see the slipway because no way was I climbing down those stairs. The lifeboat house here recently underwent a £7.5 million renovation.

Lizard point has a tourist-focused, dual lighthouse. The lifeboat station is in a more residential area.

It's a bit more isolated, too, with hoof grates on the walkway and farmland all around.

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