Monday, April 30, 2012

Entering Portsmouth

I wanted to visit Portsmouth because it's where the Mary Rose is being preserved. That's a ship that was ordered built by Henry VIII as a great naval vessel, and then it sank. It would turn out that the Mary Rose was the least of Portsmouth's attractions--but more on that later.

We came sweeping into town on wide, flat roads. We didn't have to gauge our car's potential to scrape hedge or building, or draw in our breath at how precipice-y anything was. (Precipice-y, aka "pressapissy," was my frequent yelp earlier on this trip.)

Portsmouth was hard-hit in WWII, and much of it was rebuilt to modern specifications. Still, a handful of older buildings survive.

A not-old building, in fact a very new building. Many structures on the shore were rebuilt in the fifties and sixties and were quite dated. This one was, instead, kinda nice.

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