Monday, April 30, 2012

Belly dancing and Yaris

Our final dinner in England started well. We both had seven-item plates of yummy Middle Eastern noshes. However, the main courses were not complex enough in flavor to be interesting. And there was a belly dancer.

She wasn't terribly attractive, and she was rail thin. She couldn't actually roll her hips or her belly. She did a sort of funk dance, and persuaded elderly gentlemen to get up and dance. Then she wanted the young men, then the women... I firmly refused. I love to dance, but not on display.

The next morning, driving up to the airport, I snapped these 'comparison' pics to give you all a sense of the size differential, British to U.S. car. The red car is a Toyota Yaris.

The weather was awful, and the picture was take through the windshield, but I hope you get the sense: Cars tend to be Yaris sized!

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