Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mevagissey, at last

We loved this little town so much that we will probably return today--we find ourselves with an "extra" day in Cornwall, having returned a day early from the Scillies. (News reports that a ship has wrecked overnight in North Wales; maybe those seas yesterday were not so small!)

Mevagissey has a double harbor and, like all these old port towns, very narrow streets. Come to think of it, all the roadways in Cornwall with 4-digit names, e.g., A3077, are very narrow streets, with turnouts so that traffic can get by. But I digress. Double harbor, from our harborfront lunch spot, where I had lovely fresh fish:

Look at the homes with the fantastic views!

The squat sailboat is called Oddity--but we have seen so many squat little *fishing* boats at this point that Oddity is an Oddity only in that it's a sailboat.

The wall at the back (below) is a border for the ocean-side harbor.

On the hard:

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