Friday, April 6, 2012

Tuesday morning

We had breakfast in the tight, 8 to 8:30 window specified by Shearwater. (We laughed that, on the Scillies and at fish & chips places all over England, lunch is to occur between 12 and 2 and dinner between 6 and 8.) It was gray and drizzly, but we and our hosts were optimistic about the day.

Shearwater had an arrangement with a local boatsman who would come by and let guests know about the launches running that day. For Tuesday, he said, there was a morning ride over to St. Agnes with a scheduled hour looking for puffins off Annet. This launch would not occur on Wednesday because of predicted wind; but dropoffs and pickups on Tresco would certainly take place on Wednesday as that was a primary run.

Vic and I decided to take the ride past Annet on the off chance that there'd be puffins. We could catch a 10:15 ferry to Tresco on Wednesday and come back before 2 for our 4:30 return sail to Penzance.

We passed the kitty from yesterday, making our way from red-gated Shearwater to the quay.

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