Saturday, April 7, 2012

Breakfast with Tina & Bob

Breakfast was a lovely meal that morning, featuring the best banger-style sausage I've had on the trip. But given a choice between an early plane the next day, or a late boat today, we saw that either way we would miss Tresco. Plus, for the privilege of a second breakfast with Tina and Bob, we would have to fly to the mainland on a puddle-jumper, during a gale.

We elected to leave same day, and that gave us just over an hour to get our stuff together. We rang Sophia to ensure that she still had a room. Then we packed quickly and ran around St. Mary's making purchases that we'd agreed upon in more leisurely moments.

A big Norwegian sailboat arrived, seeking shelter from the storm, as we boarded the Scillonian III. In the space of maybe 20 minutes, the weather had changed. You can still see blue sky in the distance!

We'd thought the gale was still well north, but we were wrong. On an upper level of the ferry, I watched through a window the line on the horizon between sea and sky. The line dipped below the window, and I saw all sky. In the next minute, the line rose above the window, and I saw all sea. That side-to-side rolling repeated as the bow crashed through larger and larger waves, causing pitching. My tummy was not happy.

When we got to the lee side of Land's End, the horrible seas subsided.

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