Friday, April 6, 2012

Off to the Scilly Islands!

We got up for breakfast at Trereife before the sun rose. We had a lovely scrambled egg and salmon mix on bumpy granary bread--continuing our good-food streak.

We had some anxiety about leaving our car. We'd booked a place online but hadn't had any contact with living, breathing humans. We wanted to discuss whether they'd be there before business hours, when we needed them to be!

Happily, they were present. Vic dropped me off quayside with the luggage, deposited our vehicle, and got back to me in plenty of time. I was taking pictures from the quay.

Two longboats labeled for the Scillies:

A narrow lighthouse at the end of the quay, photographed as we prepared to board:

We had a perfect crossing to the islands. The sea was as flat and calm as could be. I bought a guidebook to the Scillies and read, while Vic bounded from deck to deck.

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