Saturday, April 7, 2012

At Trereife House once more

We had booked before-and-after stays at Trereife, expecting to return on Wednesday. This time we were assigned a room in the main house, a very nice room at the end of a very long hall that passed through a very musty old library...through all of which I could make out no fire exits--important if there's a packed library between you and the door. We decided that we could crawl out a window in case of emergency.

This time there was a towel rack, and the pattern of the decor was the same as that used at Sophia's!

At breakfast the next morning, an Australian family shared that they booked Trereife because it was featured on British HGTV. The program was called Country House Rescue, and it detailed difficulties within the family and the need for extensive rehab. (That very long hallway to our room had an amazing stone floor and crumbling walls.)

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