Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I will get to our completed visits later this evening. At the moment, a front is sweeping down England. It forced the cancellation of our boat back from the Scilly Islands, scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. We had to choose between leaving St. Mary's today by boat, or leaving in the teeth of the gale by plane tomorrow morning. Either way we would've missed the isle of Tresco, site of the Abbey Gardens and Valhalla, where a number of figureheads (from wrecks, of course) are on display.

However, we had taken a launch out today to Annet, St. Agnes, and Gugh. The journey was undertaken in hope of seeing puffins. They are not often seen when the boats go out, so it isn't like a whale watch. But we went out, and we did see puffins--more on that later!

Because we had so enjoyed the trip already made, we elected to return to the mainland today. Not certain we made the right choice. The front had already churned up the sea in a small way. Even being small, it made at least one shipmate quite ill. I was belching and trying to keep my eye on the horizon. Victor slept.

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