Friday, April 6, 2012

Spectacular islands

We disembarked and made our way to Shearwater, our B&B.

Everyplace has a window seat, it seems! The Shearwater was full of shipwreck imagery and nautical items. The shipwreck imagery is nearly a duty for Scillonian proprietors. One of the earliest photographers on the planet was Scillonian William Gibson, who recorded wrecks from the mid-19th century on--family members continue this tradition.

Shearwater looks out on a Common or Public Garden, full of succulents and floral wonders. We explored it, snapping pic after pic (see another post for those images).

We spent the rest of Monday on the beach, gathering sea glass--of which there was plenty. We spoke exactly once about whether to try to rush over to Tresco for the Abbey Gardens. The Tresco boat was leaving 45 minutes after we got off the Scillonian. We both preferred to stroll around the island of St. Mary's, seeing what we remembered and what was new.

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