Tuesday, April 3, 2012


One big reason why we elected to come back is Sophia's. We had dinner at Sophia's on Sunday night, and LOVED it. As I hope I've said, we haven't been lucky this trip, food-wise. But at Sophia's I enjoyed the most delicate plate of fresh-caught, barely cooked fish...and Victor had a luscious meatball plate. Doesn't sound gourmet, but when each ball is mixed with just the right seasonings and amount of feta, served in a wonderful homemade sauce, then you have a gourmand's meatball plate.

Sophia says that she developed the recipe while wintering in Greece.

We are, right this moment, staying at Sophia's. We phoned her from St. Agnes when we heard, on Scilly Radio, that tomorrow's ferry was canceled. After a painful trip--for me, at least--we are staying in the gorgeous room that she let me see on Sunday night, when we got into a conversation about advertising and websites.

Sophia's B&B earns my highest recommendation. If EVER you are in Penzance, stay here. Look: That's the ocean through the window!

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  1. You're in England...you expected good food?

  2. Well, yes. I've had good food on other trips. Pubs used to have great food. Sadly, it now appears that they all offer a very similar line-up of ham & mustard, steak pie, and bangers & mash.