Sunday, April 1, 2012


The draw at Portquin was that, after a terrible storm at sea more than a century ago had taken nearly all the menfolk, the women abandoned the village. Derelict seaside homes were described.

Sadly, big money has settled in. Private this, do not use, do not stand in this spot--and a significant collection of plastic waste on the beach! But we got a few nice shots, and one very blurry one of a doorway right on the narrow roadway. There was no way to get it focused, but it's a picture of a truly derelict home in Portquin.

This house ruin is being used to 'fence' new property, visible through the window hole.

Quayside steps to a 3'-wide, shallow, rocky creek. Weird.

The abandoned home on the road into town:

And what Portquin is actually about:

The wall to the right of the house, below, is old; the second picture provides more detail.

More detail of the wall, and a pile of modern kayaks! LOL

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