Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Te Papa

All my Te Papa pics are outside the museum, but no less lovely for being external to the learning.

At Te Papa, we saw it demonstrated that the West Coast of South Island--including my beloved Hokitika--will be swallowed up by plate movement in the next few hundred years. Oh no!

We also read up on Guthrie-Smith, whose books I now have to search out. He was an early environmentalist who saw the damage being done by settlers to natural landscapes in New Zealand. Victor and I were worried about apparent clear-cutting all over the mountains, in South and North Island both. It appears that warnings about same have been on record for quite some time.

Another worry: Monsanto! We heard on the radio an eminently 'reasonable' person encouraging farmers to buy Monsanto seed to "increase rates of production" and aid the NZ economy. Horrors! I am currently persuaded that Monsanto is the root of all evil.

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