Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses

This is the hotel I was talking about, just outside Kaikoura. Isn't it incredible? The views are from the windows--note the one of the ocean, from the shower!

At arrival, the service was exceptional. The 'host' walked us through everything down to the iPod station. (It was playing modern jazz, blecch, so I switched it to Best of Basement Jaxx, which now we're going to have to pick up. It was quite good, like a cross between Soul II Soul, Gypsy Kings, and Rage Against the Machine.)

The location is not only a lodge but also an active deer farm. We had dinner in the sumptuous lounge, and I had venison. It wasn't gamey because the deer are grass-eaters, just like all the sheep and cows in New Zealand. It was mild and meaty and delicious, especially with the nut dukkah.

In the morning, there were bunnies running around the base of our tree house.

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