Sunday, April 11, 2010


We had lunch in the middle of our kayaking journey at the Lochmara Lodge. The Lodge is an art haven, and we saw a number of very cool examples. The food was excellent.

At bottom are light shades made of PC-I cards--old sound and ethernet cards. Isn't that ingenious?

There were a small number of children at the Lodge, and it occurred to us that in NZ children are so free. Swinging on a tire swing high over the beach, tootling around Picton on a scooter at no more than age 2... if terrible things were to happen, those would be natural consequences, and that is how we learn. We are swaddling children in the U.S., and so failing to permit learning. (I'm thinking here of requiring a depth of 7" to 9" of soft materials under and around playground equipment.)

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