Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beach Loop

We drove a beach loop in Wellington that was lovely and dramatic. At one point, I said to Victor, "I bet there's glass on that beach," and my bet was a good one. We stopped and ended up gathering pounds (literally) of sea glass, neglected by the good folk of NZ. (I sure hope I get to take it home. Anyone know what the U.S. customs laws are?)

At top are multicolored boat houses on the shore. About halfway down are windsurfers, taking their lives into their hands, considering the strength of the wind! There also was a sign for penguins, but we didn't find any.

Near the bottom is a statue of a seal, at the point where the coast road ends in a sanctuary for wildlife. We didn't see any seals there, but we've seen enough seals to be convinced that they're around.

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