Monday, April 19, 2010

Snells Beach/Warkworth

Can you see the masts on that ship? Still don't know what it was doing there.

We stayed in Snells Beach and breakfasted in Warkworth. That breakfast turned out to be our favorite one during our stay. It also was the only one to have genuinely "crispy" bacon, though not crisped like American bacon; more like fried ham.

Have I mentioned yet? Dinners were, overall, superb. In Russell, I had an amazing lamb leg that had been wrapped in duck fat and cooked in a slow oven overnight. The fat had become crispy on the outside and left all the meat on the inside moist and delectable. Mmmm.


  1. Thats an amazing observation. Its so hard to see the mast in the picture, i cant even imagine how hard to see it in the real until and unless you have bilnoculars. Great observation. I believe it must be a recreations ship with both engine as well mast systems installed.

  2. I would guess that you're right about the engine. Did you see the other pics of NZ? We so enjoyed our holiday.