Sunday, April 18, 2010

Portside, Gisborne

That's GIZ-burn (hard G). We were so happy with our suite at the Portside that we just stood on the balcony, snapping pics up and down the working waterfront. We had a one-bedroom with kitchenette and LAUNDRY, thank my stars. Plus, we walked two blocks down the street for one of the best pork tenderloin meals ever.

OK, so I also had a good cry here, as I was sure that, mere days after losing my X-mini Happy (mp3 player), I had lost the expensive Mother's Day present that Victor got for me in Hokitika. ("Loss" would be the theme here, with the loss of my employment looming upon my return to the States.) Of course, after Vic started phoning hotels, I found it right where I had put it: in my Happy bag, the one for my X-mini, since it was now empty.

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