Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shag Point

Shag Point is a narrow strip of land to the east of the shoreline-hugging, East Coast highway (hence its narrowness). There is a spectacular beach there, absolutely breathtaking.

It's home to colonies of fur seals, penguins (yellow-eyed, the very most endangered type), and shearwaters, or birds similar to shearwaters.

We saw the first and the last. We couldn't hang around until dusk, the hour of the arrival of the penguins. We had to continue up the coast to Moeraki and Oamaru, and we only left Dunedin at 4pm (or so we thought; it turned out later that the clock in the car was an hour off). In any case, we =did= see penguins before bed, in Oamaru; but you'll have to wait till tomorrow for that account.

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